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I am most known for my “Shards” series. The process for that entails making acrylic monotype prints on recycled medical diagnostic film, (X-Ray/MRI film). Once the film is dry, I tear it apart and staple the pieces back together, resulting in large abstract wall hanging pieces that undulate slightly away from the wall. I call them two and a half dimensional.

The residuum of this artistic practice recently captured my attention. I began photo-documenting the wet paint remaining on my palette, and my “Colour” series was born. My piece, Rivulet, was featured last year on the cover of a book released from Fordham University Press.

My work overall evokes a multitude of associations: aquatic life forms, aerial landscapes, otherworldly geological formations, scientific images of the minuscule, visions of the cosmos. I am interested in humanity's collective search for meaning in this life, and in the pleasure to be found in the various manifestations of that search.